Nov 14

I'm a Beginner, So Can't I Just Do the Same Circuit Every Day?Have a question? Just post it in the comment section of any post on the Daily Skinny and you may just find your question as the basis of a future article!

In response to yesterday’s post on “how many times a week should I do the same exercises?” there was a question from a reader just starting out at the gym…

They asked, “I’m a beginner, so can’t I just do the same circuit every day?”

The answer is no.

Even if you are a true beginner and you’re just repeating the same circuit every workout…. continue reading “I’m a Beginner, So Can’t I Just Do the Same Circuit Every Day?

Nov 13

Reader Question:How Many Times a Week Should I Do the Same Exercises?
“How Many Times a Week Should I Do the Same Exercises?”

The quick answer is that although you do want to progress up in each exercise almost every week you do not want to repeat that same exercise multiple times in the same week.

For example if you were doing a dumbbell chest press on a ball for 15 repetitions you would not want to… continue reading “How Many Times a Week Should I Do the Same Exercises?”

Nov 13

Stephen Cabral’s Trim, Tone & Tighten Newsletter (reprint)
Re: New Weight Loss Scams Being Advertised

New Weight Loss SCAMS Revealed!I hate to say it, but 90% of the products and information on the
internet are absolutely worthless…

And to top it off there are a bunch of new ads dominating the web
that are TAKING ADVANTAGE of thousands of innocent people looking
for real-world answers.

Here’s what the NEW SCAMS look like:

The advertisements you see are disguised to look like moms, and
other women’s success story blogs, but they are really just
deceptive marketing ploys set up to look like blogs. It’s sneaky
and actually quite clever, but the fact is these are bogus sites.

They promote 2 main “weight loss” products.

 Read more…

Nov 12

* Exercise from Trim, Tone & Tighten Workout of the Month*

Exercise of the Week: Seated Rows!Exercise of the Week: Seated Rows!It’s now time to burn it up with this brand new exercise of the week! Not only will this exercise help you to burn more fat, but it will allow you to work on correcting your posture.

It’s called the “seated row” and by doing it you are strengthening your back muscles by pulling your shoulders back to counter act all that rounding over your desk you do all day.

I even chose to include a few photos of one of the trainers in my studio completing the exercise with a resistance band to show you the seated row can be done at the gym or in your own home.

Here’s how to complete the seated row:

… continue reading “Exercise of the Week: Seated Rows!”

Nov 11

Stuck on what to do next to keep seeing results? I often get asked what is the best workout I can do Discover the Best Weight Loss Program for You!to lose weight?

Without hesitation I ask them what they’re currently doing in their exercise program. Then, no matter what they answer, 90% of the time I tell them they should change their repetitions, exercise selection, tempo, intensity, or all of the above.


Because most people do the same program month in and month out… it never varies. They don’t have any results to show for it and they wonder why they’re not getting anywhere. If you pushed on a door and it didn’t open, would you keep pushing on it, or would you step back and change your method and maybe try pulling it open?

Even if you’re just starting out, if you’ve been on the same program for more than 4-6 weeks it’s time to change it up. You need to give your body a reason to change and maintaining your weights, intensity, and exercise selection is not going to get you to your weight loss goals the fastest way possible.

So if you want to speed up your results and get the most out of your time exercising, then I highly recommend changing up your routine every 4 weeks.

To review, that means you must change one of these variables: (examples below)

…continue reading “Discover the Best Weight Loss Program for You!”

Nov 10

Confirmed: Not All Stretching Is Created EqualDuring one of my afternoon sessions today I was happy to hear that one of my clients had recently read in the NY Times that static stretching done before working out is not only unbeneficial, but it can be dangerous.

So I decided to check it out – here’s what I found:

I have been preaching the benefits of dynamic stretching and specific warm-up routines for quite awhile now and it’s always nice when I see it confirmed by others…

The article goes on to say that doing static stretches before your workout can leave you up to 30% weaker for the next 30 minutes. That means when you go to exercise you will not be able to push yourself to your peak potential due to an inhibited central nervous system which can no longer fire your muscles in the same way as before you stretched.

The remedy is to save your static stretching for… “Confirmed: Not All Stretching Is Created Equal

Nov 10 weight loss blog workout video exclusive!

In the course of my work I’ve probably watched over 100,000 squats performed… and that’s a lot of squats. The one thing, though, that I continually see from those who haven’t been shown proper form is that they always place the weight on the balls of their feet (instead of sitting back onto their heels).

This is why many people complain about their knees hurting when they squat. Trust me; most people’s knees don’t hurt when they go to sit down into a chair, so why would they hurt when they squat?

It’s the same movement…

Watch in the video below where I show Sarah one simple trick to correcting her form and perfecting her squat. Definitely give this one a try at home!

Enjoy, and let me know how it worked for you!

YouTube Preview Image

To get get your own guarateed 12 week weight loss plan head over to today!

Nov 09 is excited to announce that coming this week Stephen Cabral will release exclusive articles and videos that you will only be able to find right here on

Of course, you’ll still get the same 5-7 articles per week that you can use to increase your health & wellness, but now you’ll also be seeing new videos, success articles, and reviews.

It starts this week – stay tuned!

Nov 07

Are you often overwhelmed with all the latest breaking news and information that you’re bombarded How to Recognize What Fitness Level You Are Atwith every day that you often times find it difficult to figure out where to start?

And in terms of health & fitness you may be wondering what level you fall into. Are you a beginner, intermediate, advanced fitness enthusiast, or do you fall somewhere in between?

Without being able to personally meet with you, I want to do my best to recommend where you should start. So, if you see a workout video online, purchase an exercise magazine, or read a fitness article outlining a particular workout routine you should take the proper precautions before getting started.

That means you need to step back and… “How to Recognize What Fitness Level You Are At

Nov 06

No Where to Workout?I meant to write my daily post today on how to recognize what fitness level you are at, but my current adventures have led me to another topic to discuss for today…

I am at my last conference of the year way out in St. Louis, Missouri away from Boston and while I was out doing my customary walk around the new city taking in the culture, I noticed one very disturbing trend. What I saw was that probably 8 out of 10 people I passed were well overweight.

Literally everywhere I turned I saw more and more people moving slowly, deliberately, and looking like their overweight bodies were causing them physical harm as they walked.

I also noticed (or failed to notice) that there weren’t any health clubs. My hotel has a private one up on the 25th floor, but I couldn’t find one in downtown St. Louis… Now, I’m sure there is one, but unlike most major cities where there’s one on every corner, I couldn’t find one today.

All I can conclude is that it seems like… “No Where to Workout?”

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