Stephen Cabral Trim, Tone & Tighten Newsletter (Reprint):
I want to share with you 4 of my fast and easy tips you can use to
have no fear this Thanksgiving when it comes to eating your
favorite foods.
With Thanksgiving just a little more than a week away I wanted to
make sure you didn’t start to fall into the holiday weight gain
slump this year… did you know the average holiday weight gain is
between 6-10 lbs?
That’s a lot of extra weight that you don’t want to tack on top of
the additional body fat you’re already trying to burn off…
So here are a few tips you can use to prepare for the big feast
that awaits you:
#1. Don’t go all day without eating in anticipation of filling your
belly with pounds of turkey, gravy, and stuffing… it will only
cause you to overeat and bloat your belly.
#2. Make sure to enjoy all your favorite dishes, but only go for
the ones you want the most first. You may find you get full after
the first round…
#3. Try to front load your meal with a salad or fresh veggies to
reduce your appetite when it comes to eating the heavy foods. If
you can’t do this, then at least eat slowly and wait a few minutes
before courses so that your body has enough time to signal your
brain that you’re full… it typically takes 20 minutes, so take your
time and put your fork down between bites!
#4. Desserts… what to do? It is a holiday and a time to enjoy
yourself, but that doesn’t mean you should set yourself back by
eating a thousand calories worth of sweets. Instead, share a slice
of your favorite pie with someone or opt for a bowl fresh fruit.
You’ll feel more energetic and less “sluggish” if you don’t set
your body up to crash with all that sugar.
Bonus Tip: If you can get in one of my 20-30 minute interval
workout routines that morning before you start your day you will be
able to better utilize all those calories and you will be far less
likely to pack on body fat from the Thanksgiving Day feast.
If you’re interested in canceling out all that holiday weight gain
and actually being one of the few people who lose weight during the
holiday season, than I highly recommend the fat loss system I
developed with you in mind. It will help you lose 5 pounds your
very first week and if you start today you will be 5 pounds lighter
by Thanksgiving!
It really does work that fast and unlike all the scam-artists out
there right now selling “fat burner pills,” my Lose5in7 system
allows you to lose your excess and stubborn body fat naturally.
I’ve been using this same system for years with my private clients…
Just check out the photos and success stories for proof:
Enjoy Thanksgiving next week and make sure to focus on what is
really important when everyone sits down to eat… family ; )
Committed to success,
Stephen Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Author of Lose5in7 & Founder of Trim, Tone & Tighten
Health Consultant for MTV, NutritionData,, Gather
Here’s How I Can Help:
>>> PS. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your body is
different and that my proven Fatlossity-Lose5in7 weight loss system
won’t work for you. It will. You just have to give yourself a
chance to be successful. If you really want to lose 5 pounds by
Thanksgiving next Thursday you owe it to yourself to at least give
it try. All of my services are backed by a ZERO-RISK,
unconditional, money-back guarantee (which you won’t need), so you
can try it out on me. You literally have nothing to lose – if it
works, great! And if not, you get your money back… but, EVERYONE
who uses the system exactly as I designed it lost all the stubborn
body fat they ever wanted – And YOU can too.
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Thanks for reading – email my team and I with any questions!
>>> Please feel free to forward this article to anyone it could help


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