I’m dedicating this 2 part series to anyone who has tried a fitness program in the past, but for Don't Just Wing Itsome reason came up a little short…

Too often I hear stories from people saying that they tried the whole “exercise thing,” but it didn’t end up working for them…
They tried to lose weight by going to the gym and jumping on a treadmill or elliptical for 30 minutes followed by a machine circuit and they didn’t see any real results so they stopped going. They chalked it up to their body being “different” and just figured exercise may work for some people, but not for them.
If this sounds familiar then you or someone you know is definitely short-changing their results and letting themselves off the hook. It’s way too easy to put in a couple of weeks of work and then not see the huge payoff you are looking for… but did you set a realistic goal for yourself in the first place?
One point to keep in mind is that many people try to lose weight without… continue reading “Don’t Just Wing It… (Part 1)”

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