Nov 20

Stephen Cabral Trim, Tone & Tighten Newsletter (Reprint):
I want to share with you 4 of my fast and easy tips you can use to
have no fear this Thanksgiving when it comes to eating your
favorite foods.
With Thanksgiving just a little more than a week away I wanted to
make sure you didn’t start to fall into the holiday weight gain
slump this year… did you know the average holiday weight gain is
between 6-10 lbs?
That’s a lot of extra weight that you don’t want to tack on top of
the additional body fat you’re already trying to burn off…
So here are a few tips you can use to prepare for the big feast
that awaits you:  Read more…

Sep 19

Target Your Lower Back to Shrink Your WaistEverybody wants great looking abs… but nobody ever talks about getting a great looking lower back or targeting other essential core muscles.

There lies the problem.

If you only focus on crunches, sit-ups, and side bends, then you’re setting yourself up for failure…

One reason is that all that forward bending can certainly lead to… continue reading “Target Your Lower Back to Shrink Your Waist

Sep 18

Whenever I’m traveling and on the road I stop into the local gyms to get in a quick workout.Do Abs at the End of Your Workout

What always fascinates me is the number of people doing sit-ups, crunches, and all sorts of other exercises to tighten and tone their abs. Today I’m not going to get into the ineffectiveness of crunches or sit-ups for getting great looking abs, but I did want to make a note of when they should be included in your workout.

If you’re going to include abs, bicep curls, or other isolated… continue reading “Do Abs at the End of Your Workout

Sep 17

Has The Biggest Loser Lost It?Last night I watched an absolutely insane episode debuting the new season of the Biggest Loser.

I actually wasn’t even planning on writing about the show until after about 20 minutes into it when I saw Jillian Michaels standing on top of one of the girls she was training!

Keep in mind this girl weighs double what she should weigh and Jillian still felt she this girl needed more weight on her when the contestant was doing a wall squat. The girl literally was in tears as Jillian stood and pushed… continue reading “Has “The Biggest Loser” Lost It?”

Sep 16

In my last post I talked about how high levels of stress can lead to more stomach fat and a bigger belly.Reduce Your Stress to Lose Belly Fat

Today, I want to share with you 5 ways to reduce your stress and take back control.

Here are 5 ways you can cut your stress down to size:

1. Take a quiet walk after dinner, during lunch, or when you get off walk

…continue reading “Reduce Your Stress to Lose Belly Fat

Sep 15

your-stress-is-making-you-fatDid you know that your lack of sleep, heavy workload, and family obligations may be leaving your body in a weakened and stressed out state.

And, when you feel stressed your body increases its levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. This hormone can actually direct fat to deposit around your midsection. This layer of fat is often affectionately referred to as a “spare tire” or “pot belly.”

To make things worse additional fat can lead to… continue reading “Your Stress is Making You Fat

Aug 11
* Stephen Cabral’s Weight Loss eCourse *

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Aug 11

All of Stephen Cabral’s unique body transformation systems are completely guaranteed to get you the results you are despearately looking for.

Stephen’s programs have been proven to work even if you’ve failed over and over in the past.

 The past is behind now and if you partner up with Stephen Cabral as your coach you are guaranteed to succeed. Literally. He backs all of his award winning systems like Lose5in7 (12 week weight loss system) and Trim, Tone & Tighten (monthly personal training & fit life coaching) with 100% no hassles, money back guarantees.

You can be sure Stephen will take his 11+ years and 11,397 sessions of getting clients results to help you achieve the body and healthy lifestyle you’ve only dreamed of.

 Check out and see how you can make your dreams a reality TODAY!

May 23

Many people claim they exercise so that they can “live a little” and enjoy a few drinks after work. Effects of Alcohol on Exercise Results

But, did you know that those extra calories have a huge effect on how you perform in the gym?

Consuming 3 or 4 drinks for most people is enough to reduce amino acid uptake and muscle protein synthesis. Basically, all that means is that the hard work you’re putting in the gym is… continue reading “Effects of Alcohol on Exercise Results”

May 06

Some people find that they enjoy lifting heavier weights for fewer repetitions, while others prefer lifting Getting Lean & Tone: More or Less Repetitions?slightly lighter weights for more repetitions.

Let’s classify that higher rep sets means performing an exercise for more than 12 repetitions. We’ll consider rep ranges between 6-12 to be lower rep sets.

The key to changing your physique and developing lean and defined muscles is to lift challenging weights when going through your workouts.

So what exactly is a “challenging weight?”

It means… continue reading “Getting Lean & Tone: More or Less Repetitions?”

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