Nov 22

Amazing Alternative to CoffeeI am sitting here at my computer right now sipping on my favorite coffee alternative and I had to tell you about it…

Very few people know about this product and I’m going to dedicate a whole newsletter coming up to the pros and con of caffeine, when to have it, how much, and what all the coffee or espresso lovers out there (like myself) can sip on if we don’t want to infuse caffeine into our veins all day long…

Since you are one The Daily Skinny blog readers you get to hear about it first… it’s called Teeccino and it is actually an all-natural, gluten-free, caffeine-free, coffee alternative that is actually good for you!

I’ll talk more about it later, but I wanted to tell you that my Teeccino hazelnut coffee that I just brewed tastes amazing. I guess you have to really love cappuccinos and coffee to know where I’m coming from…

Nov 13

Stephen Cabral’s Trim, Tone & Tighten Newsletter (reprint)
Re: New Weight Loss Scams Being Advertised

New Weight Loss SCAMS Revealed!I hate to say it, but 90% of the products and information on the
internet are absolutely worthless…

And to top it off there are a bunch of new ads dominating the web
that are TAKING ADVANTAGE of thousands of innocent people looking
for real-world answers.

Here’s what the NEW SCAMS look like:

The advertisements you see are disguised to look like moms, and
other women’s success story blogs, but they are really just
deceptive marketing ploys set up to look like blogs. It’s sneaky
and actually quite clever, but the fact is these are bogus sites.

They promote 2 main “weight loss” products.

 Read more…

Nov 09 is excited to announce that coming this week Stephen Cabral will release exclusive articles and videos that you will only be able to find right here on

Of course, you’ll still get the same 5-7 articles per week that you can use to increase your health & wellness, but now you’ll also be seeing new videos, success articles, and reviews.

It starts this week – stay tuned!

Nov 04

Should I Wear a Weight Vest While Walking?After receiving multiple emails from blog readers asking if they should wear a weighted vest while walking I knew this must be a popular topic to talk about…

Well let’s take a look at why you may want to add a weighted vest to your walking routine. The first reason most people do is that they want to burn more calories. And yes, adding a weighted vest will allow you to burn more calories, but the additional calories aren’t as great as you may think. For example if you weigh 164 pounds and put on a 20 pound weight vest while walking for 30 minutes you only burn about an additional 20-35 calories.

The second reason you may want to wear a weighted vest is to strengthen your muscles and bones. In this case a weight vest can create a greater stimulus by adding additional weight for your muscular and skeletal system to resist against. However, when you add more weight to any exercise, it is important not to compromise your form. That means… continue reading “Should I Wear a Weight Vest While Walking?


Oct 29

In the 3rd installment of my recommendation to switch to a new cardio machine when you have Which Cardio Machine is Right for You?stopped getting the results you used to from your old elliptical, I want to help guide you to the right cardio piece for you.

As I stated before, the elliptical machine is very low impact and easy on your knees and lower back so this makes it an excellent pick for any one with joint issues. It’s also a good idea to use the arm levers on the elliptical if yours comes with them. By using both your arms and legs you will burn more calories and get a better overall workout.

Now let’s talk about using the airdyne and upright bikes…

continue reading “Which Cardio Machine is Right for You?”

Oct 28

Step Away from the EllipticalYesterday, I went through the reasons why most people eventually outgrow their elliptical machine and no longer get the same results they used when using it.

Today, I want to show you how to step away from the elliptical and make your way over to an airdyne bike, upright bike, rowing machine, treadmill, or outdoor sprints.

I’ll let you choose your cardio machine of choice and now it’s time to find out how to transition your workouts to get back to burning more calories in less time. And the only way you can do that is by creating a greater stimulus. In this case, you can choose any of the new pieces listed above that you haven’t been using.

If you typically use the elliptical for 40 minutes I want you to cut that back to 20 minutes. Essentially, you are slashing your elliptical time in half and adding in your new cardio machine for the other 20 minutes. Use this formula for the first week. That way there you won’t be too sore or tired from your new cardio stimulus.

The following week you can… continue reading “Step Away from the Elliptical

Oct 22

I'm in Glamour Magazine?Yes, you read that headline correctly…

I am happy to share with you that one of my most popular workout videos was just featured in Glamour Magazines Weight Loss section this month!

I didn’t know they were going to feature it, but I’m glad that thousands of people will get to enjoy one of my 4-minute workout routines that I talk so much about on this blog.

Here’s the link to the video:

…get the video link here and continue reading “I’m in Glamour Magazine?”

Sep 25

Recession Proof Your WorkoutsAll this talk about the financial market crisis and “gloom and doom” is getting to be a little out of control…

However, it does make for a great blog topic ; )

If you’ve been looking to set up your own home gym for a while now I have the perfect solution for you. It’s the same one I use and it costs less than $100.

What I did was buy an old school pair of adjustable dumbbells with… continue reading “Recession Proof Your Workouts

Sep 07

no-nonsense-muscle-buildingLast week in one of my newsletters I wrote about my interview with fitness model and figure competitor, Vince Delmonte.

Well, apparently there was a good amount of interest in him and his no-nonsense muscle building program because I’ve gotten about 12 emails asking me where they can read more about his muscle building course.

I won’t go into detail here, but I can honestly say that Vince is the real deal when it comes to adding muscle. He works with both men and women who are looking to added lean body mass and tone up. His work has also appeared in many publications like Men’s Fitness.

If you’re interested in his comprehensive no-nonsense muscle building program just click the link to read more…

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with the start of 5 great new posts on everything from the “exercise of the week” to a “new type of energy drink.” Talk with you soon!

Sep 02

In my last post I recommended incorporating a great exercise called the band chop. This JC Resistance Band Fitness Equipment Reviewmovement can be done horizontally, low to high, or high to low and you can complete each rep with any type of resistance band.

The bands we use at my studio are called JC Bands. We’ve been using them for years and they were invented by a fitness professional in Florida named Juan Carlos Santana, which is where the “JC” comes from.

Although you don’t have to go with this brand, the nice thing about these resistance pieces is that they are really 2 separate bands attached at one point in the middle. The middle piece is also strung as a 10″ loop so that you can… continue reading “JC Resistance Band Fitness Equipment Review

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